Traffic is King, but this comes FIRST

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Visitors to your site are critical – getting them there automatically is even better. Here’s how…

Traffic is useless . . . unless…

Keyword research is really the first step in getting traffic to your website. This is because you will building your traffic funnels around specific keywords. This means it’s critical to select your keywords properly.

A couple things to keep in mind when doing keyword research:

  • Are the keywords you’re interested in attainable? You’ll have to analyze the competition and see what’s out there for this.
  • Will the keywords you’re targeting bring buyers? If you don’t do your research you’ll end up with a lot of traffic that doesn’t buy from you. This is not what you’re looking for.
  • Will these keywords bring affiliates? Generating your own customers is great – having other people do it for you is even better. So, it’s important to also target affiliates in the keywords you go after.

This is critical to your business, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Experts are expensive and don’t guarantee results. The upside is that these two factors keep most everyone from even doing their keyword research. What I recommend is using website traffic software to save the time of doing it yourself and the money of hiring someone else. Using tools like this speed up the process and improve your results, too!

Only then can you start getting traffic

Now that you’ve completed your keyword research, you can begin using these keywords to get traffic to your website.

Here’s a short list of sneaky traffic techniques:

  • Most people overlook the power of Surveys!
  • “Traffic Traps”
  • Video Sharing Sites


People love filling in surveys. You can use this fact to provide “sticky” content for other website owners. It’s a win-win. They get a great perk on their site and you get a link back to yours. The beauty of this is that it generates website visitors for you with no work on your part. Most people think surveys are just for collecting data, but in this case you don’t even care about the answers. Just make the question interesting enough that people will want to share it with their own visitors.

“Help” Websites

Sites like Yahoo! Answers allow users to ask and answer each others’ questions. However, you’re interest in these sites is not to ask and answer questions. The other thing they can be used for is to get traffic to your site, leads for your business and sales! Now, you can do this all by hand – visit a classified ads or answers site and one by one copy and paste contact info. The good news is that it’s easy to find website traffic software that can do this automatically. These tools put the whole thing on auto-pilot and just deliver the leads to you each day.

Video Sharing Sites

No doubt you’re aware of YouTube and other video websites. These sites generate massive traffic and people watch over 2 billion videos a day on YouTube alone . So don’t miss out of this incredible source of free website traffic.

And don’t worry if you don’t have any idea of how to make a video. One super easy thing to do is take an article or website you’ve written. And use free screen capture software to record yourself reading it. You can even get software that will automatically do this for you.

In Closing

Getting traffic is not that difficult. Just be a creative and think outside the box a bit. And today there are tons of options for software tools that can help with every part of this process.

Don’t waste any more time:

  • Step 1 is researching your keywords
  • Then create some surveys born to go viral
  • Make sure to use the “answer” sites
  • Capitalize on video!

Some Recommended Products

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