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If you’re going to be successful in internet marketing, you need to build a list. It’s the number one key to opening the success floodgates. After it’s built, it’s yours to use any time you want. Just push a button and print money – literally.

So, how do you build a list?

There are 3 factors in list building you need to consider:

  • Your Landing Page
  • The Bribe
  • Your Confirmation Page

Your Opt-in Page – Your opt-in page is the page you send visitors to to build your list. This page is the one that asks them for their email. This page needs to look professional. And have an easy to understand opt-in form. You’ve also got to make a strong “close”.

The biggest mistake you can make is not having a clear call to action. This is a definitive message that tells your visitor what to do. Without this your opt-in rate will plummet. It’s strange, but if you don’t tell people what to do, they won’t do it.

One way to really spice up your squeeze page is to add a compelling video to the page. You only have a few second to get your visitors attention – video helps! It also allows you to tell them what to do several times. Then at the end of the video you can print “sign up now” on the video.

If you don’t know how to make video, don’t worry. Hiring out-sourced help to do it for you only costs $150 – $250. You can also find ready-made list building tools that include video squeeze pages.

The Bribe – The next thing you need is an incentive to subscribe to your list. People need a good reason to part with their email address. Nobody likes spam, so most people guard their email closely. This means your bribe needs to be very attractive.

You have to provide value in your bribe for it to be good. That means you make it something people would actually want to receive. And something from which they can derive a benefit. A few ideas:

  • A PDF report
  • Software
  • A video tutorial
  • A multi-part email series

Basically, you just need some content. And make it both helpful and informative. It goes without saying it must be free. If you make it good enough, they will give you their email in exchange.

If you’re worried about creating this content, don’t be. It’s super easy to hire someone to create it for you. Just give them a topic and they will write the content. A 5-part email series is a good freebie. You can have ghost writers create emails for under $25 an email. And whole thing will only cost a hundred and fifty buck.

You can also get email list building tools that include the premium. There are two important things about the email series. First, it must provide value to your subscribers. And it’s nice if it earns you some money, too. 😉 The easiest way to do this is to market affiliate products in the emails. This allows you to get started with no products of your own. And make money right away from your list.

The Thank You Page – The last bit is the thank you page. After subscribing to your list, your visitor is redirected to this page. A great thing to do here is provide some immediate value. Then they feel good about giving you their email address. And it helps you establish the relationship. So when they get your email, they’re happy to hear from you.

This is another case where you can get a complete marketing package. Or you can do it yourself. And write it all yourself. Or pay a freelancer to write the content for you.

In closing

It doesn’t matter if you do all of this yourself. Or hire someone else to do it for you. Or go with a complete package. It’s just important that you start today building your opt-in list. Because as soon as you’ve got your own list . . . You can basically write your own meal ticket.

Some Recommended Products

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