Do You Need A Mobile Phone With Large Buttons?

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In these days when we buy cell phones, we are looking for modern technology, software which is intricate with elegant design and so on and so forth. Simple bulky handsets with keyboards are not really in fashion. So why are these phones still made by some mobile phone companies and who buys them? The answer to this is that senior citizens will buy them.

Well, in this age of fast evolving technology we tend to forget about the old people. They need phones too, so why not give them handsets that they will be able to use unlike the complicated ones. Certain cell phone manufactures have studied the growing demand of simple phones for the elderly people, who in turn make a potential consumer market.

Now let’s see why such phones need to be so basic, when we live in the age of advanced technology and uber cool phones. Well, the answer is simple; people like our grandparents need it and their needs cannot be over looked for whatever reasons.

This is the first reason why a mobile phone with large buttons set up separately (not as an integrated keypad) is what an aged person needs.

The second reason is that with age, eyesight tends to weaken. So, old people may find it difficult to make out the small buttons on ordinary mobile phones. However, if a mobile has large buttons, chances are that they will be able to see it properly.

Large buttons will also mean that numbers and letters printed on the button will be able to use a larger font than usual and thus be easily visible. The keyboard must also be backlit to improve visibility.

It can be of more help if the numbers on the keyboard are embossed. This helps people with very weak vision to figure out numbers just by touching the keypad. Therefore, simple features like these help the aged to understand and use there phones properly.

So, in case you are wondering if you should buy one of these phones for your grandparents then go ahead. They make an excellent gift and are of great use, provided you choose the right one.

Martin Elmer is the editor of Seniormobil. Here you can also read about Mobil med store taster.


Easy to see buttons on your SVC Senior Value Cell phone
You can really see the large buttons on your SVC Senior Value cell phone from Tracfone.

JUST5 J509 Easy to Use Unlocked cell phone with Big Buttons, Amplified Sound, Personal Emergency Response System (Red)

publisher: Orbita Telecom America


EAN: 0885617000038

sales rank: 7146

price: $61.98 (new)

Extremely Easy to use cell phone with Big Buttons, Amplified Sound, and Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Unlocked GSM device, can be used with AT&T or T-Mobile phone plans (any GSM sim card will work with it. Not for Verizon users)

The “Big” Phone Mobile Phones for Seniors and Low Vision Users

publisher: NBZ Mobile


EAN: 0610563235742

sales rank: 10254

price: $72.99 (new)

The “BIG” Phone is the perfect phone for elderly people. The big #’s make it easy for people with low vision to dial correctly and it also has a speaking keypad to confirm the # dialed. One of the most important features is the S.O.S. button on the back of the phone, when the button is pressed the phone with dial and text the 5 #’s you pre program to dial for help. Some other key features include a flashlight, FM radio, ultra bright display, and is hearing aid compatible. The “BIG” Phone is also great for parents who want to get there kids there first phone and not worry about them accessing the internet.. You can add any GSM sim card to the phone, you can add them to a family plan or use it with and GSM prepaid service.

Some Recommended Products

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