Benefits and Drawbacks of Compact Photo Printers

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Photo printers are tools that professional photographers greatly need, and treasures that photography enthusiasts greatly want. When it comes to on-the-go photo printing, the compact photo printer is probably the favorite of all photographers and photography enthusiasts as well.

The thought of having a compact photo printer which you can bring with you wherever you go is something photography-inclined individuals very much desire. Such a printer will be able to provide all of your photo printing needs while you’re in another country, riding in your car, going on a road trip, or attending or covering a special celebration. However, before you purchase this kind of printer, it’s best to know what good and bad features you will be getting from the product.

The Advantages

Compact photo printers are very handy and compact in structure. You can use them anytime you want, anywhere you want to. Using this device, you can produce only the best quality and professional-grade 4” x 6” or smaller photos. The presentable appearance of these devices makes them ideal to carry around even by hand.

The features of compact photo printers enable you to directly print photos from removable storage media and imaging devices. These include PictBridge connectivity; USB ports; memory card slots; Bluetooth connectivity; and infrared connectivity; all of which enable you to print from devices such as mobile phones, laptops, smart phones, memory cards, USB flash drives, tablet PCs, and digital cameras. Using these features, you will be able to print straight from all of these devices even without the presence of a computer.

And lastly, through their LCD displays, fully functional control panels, and rechargeable batteries, compact photo printers become easier to use and even more ideal for limitless photo printing.

The Cons

The biggest problem about compact photo printers is that they can only print up to 4” x 6” sized photos. These devices you can use for photo printing only, and not for document printing. This means photo printers are not flexible. And since they are small, only small photos can be printed using them. Not an 8” x 10” portrait, not even a 5” x 7” photo for a picture frame can be printed using this device.

Another disadvantage of this printer is its price. Compact photo printers aren’t exactly cheap, and they can be as expensive as $300 – as costly and sometimes even more than standard sized printers. It may be reasonable because of the printing mechanism and the serious engineering incorporated in the printer, but for those who aren’t too inclined in getting a compact photo printer, the price just isn’t right.


As with all products, compact photo printers have good and bad sides, and by knowing all of these facts about the printer will best guide you in your aim to identify whether such a device is really for you or not. By finding out what a compact photo printer can and cannot provide for you, you can make a wiser decision with regards to buying it or not.


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