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Planting a Garden and Getting Your Hands Dirty

The most common misconception around gardening is the amount of work it takes to keep a garden healthy. While it is true that there is work involved in gardening, for the most part, that work is quite rewarding. Lots of gardeners report that the work feels more like playing even when they spend the whole day pulling weeds. Obviously the size and scope of your garden will dictate how much work you need to put into your garden. No matter what, you are going to find one thing to be true: whether your garden is tiny or huge, you are going to find the experience of growing things very rewarding. Continue reading

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Decorate Your Family’s Home Without Spending Tons of Money

Decorating your home used to be really simple-all you had to do was hire a professional decorator. Some people are still able to hire decorators. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who see decorating their homes as a luxurious option and not something that they will ever be able to do. Think about it: how many people do you know who live in under decorated homes (or completely undecorated homes) because they simply cannot afford to purchase decorating items? Here is some great news: you can easily and quickly decorate your entire home without depleting your bank account. This article has some tips for quick decorating at affordable prices. Continue reading

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